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A Day in the Life of a Pre-kindergarten Student


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Welcome to the Iliad Academy Preschool located within the West Valley in Arizona!  Many parents wonder what their child’s day will look like when they enroll in our program.  Within this page we have provided brief videos and an outline of what you can expect your child to experience while they are at school.


8:00-8:20 (AM class)

11:30-11:50 (PM class)


An Iliad pre-k student begins their day with a warm greeting from their teacher at their classroom door.  Upon arrival the young scholar will find their cubby and unpack their belongings.  This allows the child to foster their sense of independence at school while also helping them make the transition from being with their parents to being in a classroom.  After unpacking, the students enjoy table activities that have been set out.  These activities range from hands-on math activities to sensorial play, cutting, writing, and more.

Circle Time


After morning activities are closed, the class transitions to the class rug where they practice active listening.  The students are engaged with songs, the distribution of jobs, calendar, counting, introduction and practice of Spanish words, letter recognition activities, and a morning message.  The teacher then reads a book that will introduce the lesson.

Small Group


Once the lesson has been introduced the class is given instructions for a supporting activity.  Small group provides an opportunity for students to practice a skill or concept and to learn how to work beside their peers, share tools, and engage in meaningful discussions about their lessons. It is also time for one-on-one interaction with their teachers.  Our small ratios allow the teachers to work directly with students who need to be challenged or who need their help.  The teachers are also there to help facilitate collaboration amongst the students.  In a community based classroom, like ours, students can help each other in a constructive manner making our classrooms a safe place to try, make mistakes, try again, and ultimately succeed.  When a child has completed their small group activity they are encouraged to visit the classroom library where they will find books supporting the themes being taught that month.



Snack is used as another learning opportunity.  Teachers sit and eat with the students to discuss healthy snacks, practice table manners or explore their thoughts and interests regarding the week’s lessons.  Snack is a valuable time to practice social skills with their peers.  Snacks are placed in different spots so children are encouraged to befriend everyone in their classroom.  Often, the children discuss the snacks they brought, their favorite books or activities.  Snack time is when a lot of children discover what they have in common with their classmates and start to build the foundation for their friendships.



Centers are an opportunity for free choice.  It is during this time that children practice very important social skills through play.  During centers your child is free to choose where they work and with whom.  From writing centers to dramatic play there are a variety of options.  The teachers help to facilitate friendships and aid in conflict resolution.  The teachers guide the students with the appropriate language to use at school, helping them to verbalize their feelings and communicate effectively with their peers.  Centers are also a time to explore subjects more in depth.  Each pre-k class has a writing, math, science, library, and art center equipped with the necessary tools to explore each subject.  For more information on the benefits of play please take time to enjoy this article.



Outside time is a great opportunity for children to use their gross motor skills!  With our beautiful playground, climbing structures, and sandboxes, children are provided with a variety of ways to engage with the outdoors and with their friends.  They can run and play soccer with friends or practice digging and pouring in the sandbox.  Outdoor play is a free choice activity with a variety of equipment offered.

During our more formal play, P.E., the class is introduced to games and activities that they play together as a group.  They are also introduced to specific skills such as: kicking a soccer ball, jumping with two feet, throwing, and catching.    These group activities allow children an opportunity to explore their own abilities as well as learn how to cooperate with others.  P.E. always ends with the classroom cheer, “1,2,3, Good job P.E.!!”.

Specials (Sign Language and ABC Music and Me)


Sign Language

Signing is an important skill that helps our young scholars express what their feeling.  During this time your child will meet our friendly puppet, Beebo the signing bear!  Beebo visits weekly to sing songs while signing and talking about feelings.  As the year progresses this time with Beebo will be used to reinforce the weekly themes, learning signs that connect to their lessons. For example, in the spring they would learn how to sign butterfly and caterpillar when learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.  Sign Language in preschool is important because it allows the child to engage in the lesson with movement.  It also allows a child who may struggle with his words another way to express himself.  For more information about Baby signs, please visit:

ABC Music & Me


Music is an exciting part of our week!  Your little one will have an opportunity to experiment with sound using castanets, sand blocks, zig zag blocks, and more!  They’ll explore the rhythm of different genres of music.  They’ll dance to a beat with colorful scarves!  They’ll learn to listen and move to music in a peaceful way that respects their friends around them.  The combination of music and dancing will give them more awareness of their body and help them learn how to share space with their friends.  For more information about the music program feel free to visit:

Closing Circle


During the last ten minutes of the day your child will enjoy a story or song and a moment to reflect on their day.  This is a time when the teacher will ask them what they enjoyed learning that day or to share something special they did with a friend at school.  This allows the class an opportunity to be heard, hear from their friends, and practice waiting for their turn.  The day is concluded with a good-bye song and dismissal at the door with their teacher.

A Day in The Life of a Pre-K Student

Every moment your child is at school is a learning opportunity.  At The Iliad Academy Preschool we work to create a safe, creative, peaceful environment for your child’s natural curiosity and love of learning to take root.  If you would like to take a closer look, please learn more about our curriculum!

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